Audience Cables Testimonial, May 2008

Hi John,  I have purchased the PowerChord recently to be used on my integrated amplifier. The very first thing I noticed is the noise floor was lowered tremendously. The sound was cleaner and natural with improved imaging. My mom and dad can also hear the improvement even though they are not into hifi. The cord did not enhance any frequency range unlike other cords that I owned. My system is now wired with all Audience cables which consists of the Au24 IC, Maestro loudspeaker cables and PowerChord. I have numerous cables and none is as good as the Audience. You just hooked them up and enjoy the music. I would strongly recommend the Audience cables wholeheartedly as I have experienced it myself and amazed by it. How do I come to know about your cables? Well, I was actually looking for a pair of speaker cables to match my new speaker, so I put up a post in the forum and someone recommended Audience and the rest was history….If funds allow, I will change my speaker cables to Au24….Cheers,

Richard Wang — May 08

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