AXPONA/Stereophile Audio Show March 2010 by Jason Victor Serinus
A Willing Audience
“I heard the system with two very different amplification set-ups. The first, using the Audience Wavemaster buffered autoformer preamp ($13,000) and prototype Wavepower class-D power amp (probably around $6000), blew my mind with its huge, set-back soundstage; compelling airiness and sense of acoustic space; clarity of focus; and full-range sound. Having heard far too many gray, lifeless, and monochromatic class-D amplifiers, the Wavepower/LSA 16+16 combo blew me away with its full-range sound.”

THE Show ’10

The Absolute Sound/ HP’s Workshop – April/May 2010
“I thought the sound I heard there as magically “right” as any I have heard at any show. I forgot to listen to the sound and listened to the music.  A joy.”
Las Vegas 2010: A Drama in Three Acts by Greg Weaver

January 10 Product Coverage Part 2 By Brian Damkroger
CES 2010 Show Report/Audience at THE Show

Positive Feedback Online by Jim Merod
CES 2010 – Las Vegas All Over Again (Why ?)

Positive Feedback Online by Bob Levi
T.H.E. Show of Shows

THE Show ’08

No room at CES this year sounded better than the Audience set up. No room sounded as sonically accurate, as emotionally and aesthetically beguiling, as musically truthful and flat out startling with dynamic rightness of weight and timbre—as melodically, angelically charismatic.

Paired with the $7000 ClairAudient 12 subwoofer, this system was able to produce some of the most glorious midrange I’ve ever heard. Space was reach-out-and-touch real, micro dynamic events were breath taking, and the overall tonal balance was scary.

Positive Feedback On-Line/Jim Merod – THE Show ’08 Report

THE Show ’08
Audiogon Interview with Audience

Audience appeals to a wider audience (06:18)
We have THREE videos for you, covering the ever expanding product range from Audience LLC. We were lucky enough to convince John McDonald, the founder, to spend some time with us for this interview. We also caught up with chief designer Roger Sheker, who gave us many insights into their speakers and power products. DIY’ers should also check out his brief on Aura capacitors.

THE Show ’08-

Positive Feedback On-Line/Greg Weaver – THE Show ’08 Report

RMAF 2007 (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) October 12-14, 2007 Denver, CO

“The ClairAudient LSA 16 (LSA for “Line Source Array) was designed by the late Richard Smith, cofounder of Audience, and features 4, 8, 16, 24, or 32 50mm drive-units, used full-range, with no tweeters or crossover (something I have not seen since the Ted Jordan designs of the late 1970s). A separate subwoofer handles the low bass and with a very high claimed sensitivity, the ClairAudient design will produce very high spls in-room, but with great clarity.” — By John Atkinson, Stereophile Website

Audiogon’s RMAF 2007 Report

CES 2007 (Consumer Electronics Show) January 8-11, 2007 Las Vegas, NV

John Casler of VMPS (left) and John McDonald of Audience at CES 2007 where new products were shown which expand the adeptResponse power conditioning line, including the six receptacle aR6 and the aR1p (archived page), a single receptacle unit for mono blocks or ceiling mount projectors. Positive Feedback reported the sound to be dynamic and tonally balanced, with a sense of speed and immediacy that few others captured.


EHX Fall 2006 (Electronic Home Expo) November 13-17, 2006 Long Beach, CA

Audience exhibited at EHX ’06 by supporting the Intel demonstration room. Audience supplied all cables, powerChords, and Adept Response power conditioning for the 5.1 system. Other components included a Niveus Media server with Intel’s dual core processor, B&W Loudspeakers, Chord amplifiers, Runco projector and Steward Screen. The surround music and video was provided by AIX Records. The demonstration was awarded Best of Demo Alley.

CES 2006, Las Vegas, NV

Audience unveiled the latest incarnation of its Au24 True Line Source loudspeaker, a one-way system with a flat response from 22 kHz to 70 Hz. The lack of a crossover provides ultimate coherency. The sweet spot spans the width of the room, not just the center seat. The total moving mass of each driver is 1.5 grams delivering unsurpassed high resolution sound. As a dynamic driver, the result is the best of all worlds, high resolution and unrestrained dynamics.