Auric Illuminator

Optical Disc Resolution Enhancement


 auric2-2 Carefully mark inner rim of disc with Auric Illuminator pen. After a couple of applications a groove will form in the felt tip which will make subsequent applications easier. auric1-2 Hold the disc with playing surface facing away from you and carefully mark outer rim of disc with Auric Illuminator pen. Handle the disc carefully.


Let ink dry for 5 seconds. Some discs may require a second pass with the pen for a sufficiently opaque coating. If so, repeat application.

cdpenhand Optional but very effective! Use the Auric Illuminator template to make an "ink mat". Place disc in jewel box. Center template on top of disc. Using the Auric Illuminator pen carefully fill in clear area around the center hole on one or both sides of disc. For maximum results, remove disc from jewel box and blacken the 1/8" clear area at outer rim on the label side of disc. Do not worry about finger prints, they will be removed in the final step.


auric3-2 Hold disc in hand with label surface facing up. Apply one small drop of Auric Illuminator gel to the label side of the disc. auric4-2 Use one of the Auric Illuminator non-abrasive disposable polishing cloths* to first spread the gel completely over the surface. Then, after waiting for the substance to dry completely, use a separate cloth to buff the disc until the surface is clear, and free of haze. auric3-2x Turn the disc over; repeat step 2 by applying Auric Illuminator to the playing surface, waiting for the substance to dry and buffing the disc clean.You are now ready to play the disc!

*It is important to always use non-abrasive, disposable polishing cloths because many abrasive dust particles remain embedded in the fibers of non-disposable cloths even after washing. Each Auric Illuminator non-abrasive, disposable polishing cloth may be used to enhance approximately 20+ discs. Auric Illuminator removes mold release compounds.* Unintended Auric Illuminator pen marks on the disc may be removed with 99% pure isopropyl and soft cotton swabs. * Auric Illuminator gel may be removed with clear, cool water and one or two drops of Joy. * Keep out of reach of children, Keep from freezing, Do not use on glass, Do not use on LPs. WARNING: Do not use on hybrid SACDs made by Sonopress. All other SACDs are okay!  Click here for more information about SACDs.