Conductor Cable Reviews

  • ar6-T4 Power Conditioner Review by Soundstage Ultra

    “The new Audience Adept Response aR6-T4 is an utter revelation.”
    Garrett Hongo – Nov ’21
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  • aR6-T4 Power Conditioner Review by

    “Clarity and improved imaging were there in spades throughout, but it was the fact that the full frequency spectrum was presented in ways previously unheard that was riveting. Equally, the Audience combo impressively lifted the lid on dynamic prowess and presence. Resulting instrumental personalities – both individual and collective – seemed to be placed perfectly within the listening room.”

    Dr. Michael Bump – Apr ’21
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  • 2021 TAS Editors’ Choice Award for aR2p/aR12/aR12-T3/aR6-T4 Conditioners

    Audience aR2p/aR12/aR12-T3/aR6-T4
    Used with a CD player, the aR2p- Audience’s compact, dual-outlet power conditioner and isolation device- enhanced sound staging, dimensionality, and depth. The 12-outlet aR12p as also found to be extremely effective, capable of delivering significant improvements in bass definition and depth, overall resolution, and soundstage depth. 162, 179, 186, 235
    Mar ’21

  • Enjoy the Music Review of aR6-T4 Power Conditioner

    “To not consider and audition a T4 Adept Response when looking for a reference conditioner would be foolish, and to make the investment would be a guaranteed improvement in your system, regardless of its level. Try without hesitation, buy with confidence and sigh with enjoyment at the results!”
    Dr. Matthew Clott – March ’20
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  • Conductor Review by Tone Audio, March ’08

    “The Audience Maestro and Conductor cabling was ultimately so satisfying and suited to my needs that I’m very curious about the upscale Au24 line.”
    Marc Phillips – March ’08 Print Version


  • Conductor Review by GoodSound February 2005

    “The cables you choose should leave you with no doubt that better performance can be had only at a far greater cost that would be out of proportion with the cost of the rest of your system. The Conductor cables from Audience fit this description well. I can think of no good reason to spend more on cables for an affordably priced system. While using the Audiences, I never once longed for more. The Conductor is the affordable cable I’ll be recommending to friends and family.”
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  • Conductor Review 02/04

    “Audiophiles on a budget can be assured that these cables won’t leave them shortchanged. Like the Chinese astrological Ox, these cables speak little but they do so eloquently while inspiring confidence. To hear music with this much clarity and refinement is more than worth the asking price. I urge fellow audiophiles on their journey to greater musical heights to arrange for a demo of the Audience Conductor interconnects and powerChord power cables.”
    Mike Healy – Feb ’04   Read Full Review