Positive Feedback Review of aR6, March 2008

“I am now hearing deeper, and with greater definition and detail into the music. Most importantly, that slight metallic sound I had in my system before placing the aR6 in my rig is now gone. Both micro and macro dynamics improved along with soundstaging which is now larger. Soundstaging has become more three dimensional on all planes of the musical stage.  Images that sounded slightly opaque and recessed are now more pronounced and brought to the forefront and with greater clarity.”
Jeff Parks – March ’08 Read Full Review


SoundStage Review of aR6 Conditioners

“The improvement in audio quality the aR6 produces is significant and easily audible — it gives music an exciting character that’s habit-forming.” “Every voice, every instrument had an aura of excitement I don’t hear from other power-conditioning products. Dynamic prowess and harmonic richness were enhanced, and there was something happening with the timing as well.” “The degree of improvement is on a level that sends dedicated audiophiles into hours of debate and comparisons in their quest to elevate the performance of their systems to new heights. If the aR6 represents your sonic direction and price point, you can’t do better.”
Doug Blackburn – Nov ’07 Print Version