Audience aR6-TSSOX Power Conditioner Reviews

  • John McDonald Interview with T3 Middle East

    Interview with John McDonald, President of Audience
    “In a highly resolving music system, everything matters”
    Feb. ’20 – Anil George, editor
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  • Thailand AUDIOPHILE Magazine Interview with John McDonald, President of Audience

    An interview was recently done with John McDonald by Thailand AUDIOPHILE Magazine:

    Interview (pdf, Thai language) here.


  • Audience adeptResponse aR6-TSSOX Power Conditioner Review

    $6450 (with 6’ powerChord SE-i; Au24 SX powerChord, add $4200)
    I’ve been using the smaller six-outlet version of the Audience TSSOX for a few months and I just can’t seem to quit this thing. I’ll admit that I’ve never been a dedicated fan of this segment. But the Audience suggests something different. Backgrounds are indeed quieter but not airless and dead, as in “digital” quiet. Music emerges from the acoustic silences and natural pauses with a continuousness, an unbroken linkage to those interludes. The tonal character of the system doesn’t change, but the sound is more focused, images more polished and individuated. And this is prior to swapping out the standard powerChord SE-i and replacing it with the Audience’s advanced (and, oy, priciest) Au24 SX powerChord. Though not an order of magnitude dissimilar from the standard SE-i cord, it clearly reveals yet another layer of music and dimension. Images grow even more direct and transparent, and there is further expansion of the ambient aura. I find the differences compellingly musical and addiction.

    Greg Weaver – Sept ’17 Issue 268


  • Soundstage Ultra Review of aR6-TSSOX Conditioner October ’16

    ” I think Audience’s new adeptResponse aR6-TSSOX with Au24 SE-i powerChord is the bomb. My system never sounded so good. I was skeptical at first, doubting that there could be any improvement to the sound I was already getting from my reference aR6-TSS with Au24 powerChord, but by the end of the review period I was won over completely. ”
    Garrett Hongo – October ’16
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  • aR6-TSSOX Conditioner Review by

    “The result was quite startling …”
    WL Low – March ’16 
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