June 24, 2009

Greetings Audio Enthusiasts,

Two days ago Robert Harley posted a blog on his visit with me and Roger Sheker and audition of the ClairAudient loudspeakers. Please check out the blog at http://www.avguide.com/blog/the-audience-clairaudient-loudspeaker%E2%80%94-20-year-dream-realized. As Robert Harley points out, we are now making ClairAudient loudspeakers in monopole and bipole configurations as follows:

CA 2+2 $ TBD
CA4 $9,500
CA4+4 $12,000
CA 8 $23,000
CA 8+8 $28,000
CA 16 $35,000
CA 16+16 $47,000

The 2 driver and 2+2 driver loudspeakers will be designed in more conventional enclosures at considerably lower price points.

Reviews of the ClairAudient loudspeaker line up are now being scheduled. Vade Forester/SoundStage.com has completed a review of the 8+8 that is expected to be published Aug 1st.

Very best regards,

John McDonald