Positive Feedback Online

by Greg Weaver

Audience Au24-SE Single Ended Interconnects and Bi-wired Speaker Cables - 1 meter single-ended interconnect - $990, 2 meter bi-wire Speaker cables/Spades - $3895

When John McDonald of Audience informed me that by utilizing a new termination with "enhanced" metallurgy, lower mass, effecting a more secure connection, Audience had found a way to accomplish significant improvements in their already world-class Au24 e series of cables, I couldn't wait to hear them.

As wonderful as the Audience Au24e's are, I have to admit, the—SE's really up the ante—and in a significant manner. I've been listening to the SEs for some time now, and I absolutely LOVE them. They are even quieter, more resolute, especially down by the noise floor, and have even more bloom, especially welcomed from the mid bass up into the upper midrange. To be completely honest, I am hearing things with the SE that were inaudible with even the spectacular Au24 e!

Are they REALLY that good? Yes, they ARE! They are so good, in fact, that the bi-wired speaker cables have usurped top honors in my reference rig—a system with a retail just north of $175K. They have replaced a long-standing set of bi-wires that retails for nearly thirty percent more than the new Au24 SE bi-wires… Yeah, they're THAT good!!