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Audience Now Shipping Upgraded Adept Response
Power Conditioners With Improved Components and Performance

San Marcos, CA, May 3, 2010Audience, a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing ultimate-performance audio/video equipment, is currently shipping its upgraded Adept Response aR2-TS, aR6-TS and aR12-TS high-resolution power conditioners. The three models now incorporate Teflon capacitors with mono crystal copper wire leads, and a large ground plane with all wiring secured by heavy-duty welded connectors in a star-ground configuration.

John McDonald, president of Audience pointed out: “The quality of the AC power going into an A/V system is critical. All audio/video electronics, in essence, are simply modulators of the AC power they receive. This means that the performance the components deliver can only be as good as the quality of the AC power.”

The AC coming out of a wall outlet may contain a significant amount of RF noise – which can then make its way into an A/V system and cause problems such as reduced resolution and sonic purity, an audible “haze” in the sound, and degradation of the video image. The Audience Adept Repsonse power conditioners overcome the liabilities of poor AC power through the use of sophisticated filtering circuitry, premium-quality components and optimized component layout.

Teflon is the most ideal dielectric for capacitors. A dielectric is supposed to act as an insulator of an electric charge, but other dielectric materials do not insulate as well as Teflon, or sound as refined. The aR2-TS, aR6-TS and aR12-TS all use Teflon film capacitors, and the capacitors’ performance is further improved by the use of mono crystal copper wiring for the connecting leads.

The newly added ground plane used in the Teflon-equipped Adept Response power conditioners (also included in standard non-Teflon aR conditioners) provides additional sonic benefits. All ground wires are weld connected to the ground plane with heavy-duty connectors, rather than mechanically fastened. This simple but important detail even further improves the sonic performance enabled by Adept Response power conditioners, by improving the internal wiring connections and lowering their DC resistance, one of the state-of-the-art characteristics of all Adept Response conditioners.

AudienceMcDonald noted: “Although our previous power conditioners deliver excellent performance and have earned many accolades from reviewers and customers, our new Teflon capacitors and improved ground plane bring the aR2-TS, aR6-TS and aR12-TS to an even higher level of performance. Resolution and coherence are significantly improved, and music is conveyed with a more natural sense of pace, rhythm and timing, or ‘PRAT’ as it’s sometimes called.”

McDonald concluded, “We encourage music lovers, audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts to experience these products for themselves, and hear and see what we’re so excited about.”

Inside view showing Teflon capacitors
and large copper ground plane
on the bottom chassis

Pricing for the new Audience Adept Response power conditioners is as follows: aR2-TS - $4,100, aR6-TS - $5,000 and aR12-TS - $8,600. Owners of a previous aR6 or aR6-T can have their power conditioners upgraded to include the new ground plane for $450, and $650 for the aR12 or aR12-T. (Units that have a “G” in the serial number already have the new ground plane.)

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