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Positive Feedback 2009 Writer’s Choice Award
Greg Weaver, Senior Editor -- Nov '09

Audience Au24 powerChord

This recent addition to the award-winning Au24 cable lineup upstages both the original ($509/6 foot), and the recently enhanced e-series ($674/6 foot) powerChords (both long-time favorites for the price): And in significant fashion.

Though I no longer have access to the original powerChord, through the kindness of John McDonald, President and CEO of Audience, I do have some of the powerChord-e's on hand. I listened with the pC-e on my 5687-based ModWright SWL 9.0SE preamp for several days, and then swapped in the new Au24 powerChord ($2200/6 foot).

By comparison, bass seems bottomless, full bodied, faster than hell, and all with no slur or bloat. Midbass is more "meaty" and palpable. Hell, you can almost taste it! The mids shimmer, full of tonal color, and more articulate than I have heard from any other power cable to date. Midrange seems to virtually breathe, as though this frequency band has come strangely alive. Lower treble is richer in timbre, full of detail, yet almost creamy rich and smooth.

Spatial recreation is significantly improved, and that was, in my opinion, already one of the pC and pC-e's long suits. Dimensional focus is spooky real, allowing instruments to take on a frighteningly realistic space and sense of dimension.

Overall articulation with this cable in place is unparalleled in my experience; yet the sense of life, of body, of breathing, is almost magical. Extension at both frequency extremes seems limitless. And talk about quiet… music is free to emanate from the darkest, most unobtrusive background I've yet heard.

No, this is not a cheap "accessory." However, when inserted into an already excellent system, it may just be the component to take your very good system over the top to release that magical one you knew was lurking in there all along. I'm keeping mine, and you've been warned. Don't try one if you aren't prepared to send a check, ‘cause once you hear it in place, you're not going to give it up willingly. $2200 6-foot cable

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