Positive Feedback 2012 Award

"My nomination for PFO's 2011Writer's Choice Awards goes to the Audience powerChord 'e'. Audience's powerChords have been staples in my system for years, as they've bested every other power cord I've tried, including some considerably pricier. With the 'e' upgrade, the base powerChord's standout attributes of temporal coherence, spatial realism and condign tonality are raised to class-leading levels. The powerChord 'e' exhibits even quieter backgrounds than its non-enhanced stable mate, which translates into greater dynamism. Bass is tighter with greater texture evident, and the highest treble registers are reproduced with less grain and more air around instruments, while the all-important midrange is rendered with increased openness and transparency. On its own merits, the powerChord 'e' is a tremendous value, and may be the best power cord available anywhere near its price. For existing powerChord owners, the low cost of upgrading makes the 'e' version perhaps the greatest bargain in all of high-end audio."
John Acton -- Dec 11