Musically Optimized Reduction of Resistive Energy

Audience’s continued research and development of performance driven audio products has reached an advanced apex in musical reproduction. Placing all of our new and successful technologies under one umbrella and the name of MORRE, (Musically optimized reduction of resistive energy), we are digging deeper into the music than ever before. The pursuit of signal integrity is the driving force behind the extreme evolution of MORRE. From the modified purest form of conductive copper, Rhodium and silver to Deep Cryo treatment, specialized connectors, geometries, the application of extreme high voltages and a myriad of calculated and strategic damping implementations, MORRE represents the highest degree of accurate signal transfer and the lowest degree of unwanted distortions, noise and interference available. Every MORRE product will perform to deliver pure music that rises above the noise.

Conductive Materials

Our expertise in the properties and values of various conductive materials has lead us to the precise development and selection of conductors for specific signal transfer applications. Though it may not be obvious, all different types of audio signals are different from one another, having unique characteristics clearly defined by their purposes. MORRE conductors are comprised of modified 99.9999% Ohno Continuous Cast Copper, as well as High Purity Silver Plated Copper and Oxygen Free Copper to ensure the highest preservation and purity of signal. We use certain sizes, combinations and configurations of these conductors depending upon the type of signal to accurately compliment their specific application.


The relative permittivity of the materials surrounding all MORRE conductors is critical to the product design and performance. Types and characteristics of dielectrics, their ability to insulate as well as store electrical energy and transmit electrical force without conductance is carefully taken into consideration and tested for each and every category in the audio chain. MORRE uses XLPE, a virgin cross-linked polyethylene, chosen for its high dielectric constant as well as its low microphonics, PTFE (Teflon) in some applications unsurpassed in dielectric properties and, “air” only surpassed by a complete vacuum. These, plus additional materials, are used in MORRE products to produce the most exacting dielectric properties for the highest signal integrity.


Signals passing through conductors are only part of the equation. Every contact point is vital to signal integrity. Not only can there be a measurable loss of signal at contact points, but also the introduction of noise and interference occurs, generated by eddy currents, hysteresis, magnetic induction and differences in metallurgy. MORRE contact points are carefully and coherently purposed by using state of the art metallurgy, soldering materials and techniques as well as our exclusive solder-free connections. Metals used in MORRE connectors have a conformity to application and consist of Tellurium Copper, Beryllium copper, Rhodium, Gold plated copper and Silver. MORRE connectors and contact points are treated both pre and post production with our Deep Cryo II advanced proprietary process and then tested and treated again using EHVP, our exclusive extreme high voltage procedure. Even the surrounding materials around MORRE connections points are carefully designed and critical to their ultimate performance.

Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance

Every electrical signal that travels through a conductor is effected by different  parameters within the conductor. Conductor material, conductor size, dielectrics, corresponding cables and space in-between cables all have an effect upon each other. The properties of resistance, capacitance and inductance act to alter and impede the characteristics of the signal between its origin point and its destination. Every electrical signal also creates its own magnetic field, which interacts with every other electrical signal and its corresponding magnetic field in every other conductor, causing a plethora of resistive energies, and decreasing signal integrity. The application of MOORE technologies result in a relevant reduction of these impediments, allowing a more accurate transfer of signal information. 

Resonant Frequency Damping

All materials vibrate, each at their own specific frequency or frequencies. These vibrations cause unwanted distortions within the audible range, adversely effecting the signal integrity through direct contact and airborne stimuli. By applying natural and synthetic compounds that damp and resonate at specific frequencies, MORRE reduces nefarious vibrations. These natural and synthetic compounds consist of crystalline and carbon based nano particles. These particles react to electrical and mechanical energies, and oscillate at frequencies that induce a quieting effect to spurious electric and mechanical noise.  

Deep Cryo II

All Cryogenic treatments are not created equal. Different materials respond and react differently when brought to the extreme frozen state of cryogenics. Over the years, Audience has developed the Deep Cryo II techniques which exploits this idea, as it relates to the conductive and nonconductive materials used in MORRE products. The precise, slow method used in Deep Cryo II renders a much lower resistance in electrode conductivity than other types of cryo treatments, allowing a freer flow of electrons, while also strengthening the conductors, and relieving stress points at key signal junctions. Audience has honed the techniques of Deep Cryo II to benefit all areas in our MOORE high end audio products. 

Extreme High Voltage Process - EHVP

MORRE’s EHVP utilizes a one of a kind, highly modified and powerful Tesla Coil to apply extreme high voltages at specific pulse modulations, frequencies and amplitudes, in differing ratios, to individual, and combined signal conductors, as well as all conductive constituents. Our expert knowledge and years of research into this particular field is unrivaled and the proof is in the performance of all Audience products under the MORRE umbrella. This very special process creates predictable paths through the crystalline grain structure of the various metals, including connection points and connectors, and provides a continuity and integrity to the completed MORRE product.  

Signal Directionality

When metal solidifies from a molten state, millions of tiny crystals start to grow. These tiny crystals form the grains in solid metal. All wire used in audio applications is produced by drawing a conductive metal through a series of dies or draw plates. This stretching of the metal in one direction elongates the grains in the same direction, making the wire directional. Directionality of all MORRE conductors is determined by a series of rigorous and exhaustive tests before raw materials are put into production. This time consuming process is paramount to the high level of consistent performance found in MORRE.

Cable Geometries

The geometric design principles used in the making of MORRE cable products have been refined by years of extensive research and application. Electromagnetic fields generated by the flow of electricity through wires and cable generally have a negative effect on the preservation of a signal. MOORE conductors, and the proper choice of dimensions and tolerances, coupled with innovative wire lay construction, reduces the deleterious interactions found in other cables not built to the same rigorous specifications. Depending upon the cable’s application, MORRE uses twinaxial, coaxial, proprietary Perfect Lay, Double Cylindrical, Double Helix and other custom stranded multi-conductor wire geometries; all designed to reduce noise and increase signal preservation.

Post Production

Once an Audience MORRE product comes out of production, it is not entirely finished. There are still a series of tests to complete, as well as several other post-production procedures, including a lengthy and precise burn-in process. Each MOORE product is carefully placed into a prescribed burn-in component station with distinct signals and current specifications. This accelerated burn in operation lasts 3 to 4 days and is the final step in making sure that every MORRE high end audio product is ready to seamlessly integrate into your system.  

MORRE in the Future

At any given point in time, Audience is moving consistently forward, strongly committed to the idea that there is “MORRE” ahead of us. We are endlessly experimenting with a host of new materials, theories and cable geometries. There are new compounds and metallurgies, new methods of cryo and other treatments that keep us constantly excited about what is possible, as we maintain our lead in the exploration and the advancement of musical enjoyment.

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