Testimonial February 2020 for 1+1 V2 to V3 Upgrade

Hi John, I would like to say thank you for the upgrade to my 1+1 V2+ to V3. I have to say I expected a difference although not to the magnitude I have experienced. I will not bore you with all the normal things a appreciator of fine audio equipment and music appreciates. (sound-stage, imaging, tonal character, bass, vocal and the “you are there feeling” /I could go on). What I will say is that all the things I valued the 1+1 v2+ speakers for, have improved dramatically. There was an amount of expenditure and trepidation, boxing up my much loved Audience Clairaudient 1+1 V2+ speakers/ to send them half way around the world for a upgrade to them, considering that I was already very satisfied with the results I had already experienced. Suffice to say I am extremely happy I did so, and would say to anyone considering either an upgrade or a new purchase, do not hesitate as these speakers (V3), are a true voice, they convey the life of music. The cognitive connection that allows one to feel a relationship to what one is listening to It is an experience, that I have never had with any other speakers I have owned. Sure the presentation has been always good/ although just not as real as the Clairaudient 1+1 v3. The dimensional aspect  of the performance in well-known recordings is just unbelievable, and brings forth a pleasure that one becomes immersed in the moment(the performance, the recording). What more could one ask for?
Thank you Sincerely, Wayne

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