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SE/SE-i Upgrades for Cables and Power Cords

Most existing Audience interconnect cables, loudspeaker cables, digital cables and powerChords can be upgraded to the latest SE/SE-i versions. Generally speaking, SE/SE-i upgrades are the result of lower mass and improved metallurgy of our cable connectors, or the improved metallurgy of our proprietary AC power connectors. The outcome of the SE/SE-i upgrades is markedly greater resolution. As Greg Weaver states in his 2013 Positive Feedback Writer’s Choice Award, the SE upgrade allows previous users of Au24 e cables to hear things that before were inaudible. The SE/SE-i simply allows abundantly more low level information to pass through the cable or power cord connection.

SE Upgrade Prices:

  • RCA interconnects and phono cables - $220
  • DIN > RCA phono cables - $370
  • XLR - $440
  • AES/EBU - $235
  • Speaker cables (spades or banana) - $300
  • Bi-wire speaker cables - $450

Length losses due to SE upgrades, per set:
RCA - .5”
XLR - 1.5”
Speaker – 1.5”

SE-i Upgrade Prices:

  • powerChord to SE-i - $300
  • Au24 powerChord to SE-i - $400
  • + 100 for each Au24 LP powerChord converted from standard Au24 powerChord
  • + 150 for each MP powerChord converted from standard Au24 powerChord
  • PowerChords for adeptResponse power conditioners - $175
  • Au24 powerChords for adeptResponse power conditioners - $240

SX Trade-In Program:

Audience will consider offering a trade-in credit for existing Audience products, to be applied to the purchase price of new Au24 SX products. For more information contact Audience. Subject to terms and conditions.




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