OEM and DIY parts

OEM/DIY Parts Include:

Hidden Treasure In Wall Wire

  • UL CL2 approved for 120v and 220v AC in wall applications
  • 10 AWG, 3 conductors
  • Stranded 99.9999% pure OFC, cryogenically treated copper conductors
  • XLPE dielectric with PVC sleeve
  • Foil shielded
  • Flexible
  • 18mm OD

Hidden Treasure Duplex

  • Rhodium Plated Copper
  • Proprietary Audience Design
  • 20A Rated

Auricap XO

  • Reduced parasitic/lower ESR
  • Extended effective bandwidth
  • Improved retrieval of low level information

Audience AIT1

  • 100% mono crystal wire
  • 80% nickel alloy core
  • Precision winding
  • Hum bucking construction to eliminate 60 cycle outside noise

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