OEM and DIY parts

OEM/DIY Parts Include:

Audience AIT1


OEM DIY Isolation Transformer

  • 100% mono crystal wire
  • 80% nickel alloy core
  • Precision winding
  • Hum bucking construction to eliminate 60 cycle outside noise

Auricap XOOEM DIY Auricap XO Capacitor

  • Reduced parasitic/lower ESR
  • Extended effective bandwidth
  • Improved retrieval of low level information

A3S2-16 Loudspeaker DriversOEM DIY A3 Loudspeaker Driver

  • The Audience A3S2-16 is a breakthrough full range loudspeaker driver design comprising of the patented XLB motor, patent-pending suspension and patent pending baskset
  • OCC used in Voice Coil and Tensile Leads

Aud-X Duplex

  • Rhodium Plated Copper
  • Proprietary Audience Design
  • 20A Rated

Gold Plated Copper Fork

Gold Plated Copper Luggold_plated_copper_lug

Aura-TO TeflonOEM DIY aura T-o Capacitor

  • Teflon Dielectric for Unmatched RF/EMI Filtration and Performance
  • OHNO Mono-Crystal Copper Leads for Enhanced Resolution and Retention of Low Level Information

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