Au24 Cable Testimonial, February 2003

“I bought AU24 at Korean dealer. Previously I use NBS moniter 4 and monirter 0 and Live cable and Monster M1, etc. I think AU24 is number 1. Bass is so clear . Contrabass sound is real and depth is nice. I am sorry my English writing ability is not good. But your cable is number 1.”

Junho Shin — Feb 03 Review of Au24 Cables, February 2003

“Overall the character of the cables is unchanged. Catchwords remain; musical, melodious, liquid, quiet without being dull or lifeless, airy and detailed without dissecting to the bone. Conclusion: If there is one part of the audio industry where superlatives like thicker, bigger, more expensive and heavier are at a premium, it’s in the cable world. John McDonald and his team break through this trend with the Audience powerChords and the Au24 interconnects & speaker cables and do this in an impressive way that is very attractive for the true music lover. Visually ‘minimalistic’and elegant. But what is much more important; in an auditive sense, beautifully balanced, liquid and above all musical.”
Jan de Jeu – Feb ’03
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Au24 Cable Testimonial, February 2003

“Several months ago, I took possession of a McCormack DNA-2 Revision. As I’ve stated before, the Au24’s showed me how much grain and hash were in my older speaker cables. But the bass is now absolutely phenomenal. I’ve never heard such a dynamic, robust, full, tight, and simply viscerally impacting bass before anywhere. And I have to say that some of my 20 year old cd’s now almost sound like reference levels recordings. Richer, fuller, and more 3-dementional. I think it’s a synergy I’m getting between the Au24’s, the DNA-2 Rev. A, and the Aerial 10t’s. Nevertheless, a fabulous cable. And I took your advise by purchasing the Conductor ic’s for my subwoofer. You are correct in that the lack of time-smear with the Conductor ic’s now brings back the continuity of the lower region between my full range Aerial Acoustic model 10T speakers and my subwoofer. To hear a 22Hz to 25Hz tone without the time-smear factor is an experience.”

John — Feb 03

Au24 Cable Testimonial, January 2003

“I received the speaker cables Monday afternoon. Installed and started listening at 6pm. Thanks for taking the “HIFI” out of my living room and putting me into the club. This new cable is such an improvement! I can hear so much more music that it seems that the beat has slowed down. Also, I am now certain the anticipated subwoofer purchase will not be necessary. Thanks again.”

Steve Rigg — Jan 03

HiFi Nirvana Review for Auricap Capacitors

“It will cost you less than $50 for the parts, and will add about $1,000 of refinement to the sound quality of the entire system. Voices and instruments sound more real, enhancing the “you are there” sensation. I can’t stress to you what a huge difference these little parts make.”
Gary Krakow : Hi-Fi Nirvana – Jan ’03 
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Absolute Sound Review of PowerChord, November 2002

“Whatever is going on here, the thing works. I experimented with my Balanced Audio Technology VK-D5 CD player, VK-3i preamp, and VK-6200 multi-channel amplifier, and in each case heard improvements to the noise floor (less garble and grunge), dynamic range (in both low-level nuance and high-level impact), and overall clarity and detail. Music’s sense of time improved, too. The thing doesn’t cost a fortune, either.”
Wayne Garcia – Nov ’02  Print Version


Au 24 Cable Testimonial August 2002

“Okay, you win. After about 40 hours of playing the AU24 cables, they blow away the “C” cables best model. I have listened to Roger Waters Live and several dozen other CD’s I am very familiar with. Yours have a definite edge in dynamics in all frequency ranges.”

Lou — Aug 02

Stereo Times Reviews of PowerChord, August 2002, December 2000

“The essential set of enhancements to be discovered from the Audience “powerChord” can all be grouped within that elusive notion of MUSICALITY. I’ve not yet heard any power chord that accomplishes such an engaging reinforcement of genuinely musical values — the pace, relaxation, and tonal elements that define the heart of seductive musical experiences — at such a modest price.”
Jim Merod : Most Wanted Components – Aug’ 02  Print Version

“Designed as a high current, low impedance cable, it compares with or surpasses the top of the heap.”
Clement Perry – Dec ’00  Read Full Review