Soundstage Review for Auricap Capacitors June 2004

“The Auricapped 21A sounds fundamentally neutral, but its presentation has notable bloom and, as with the very best tube preamps, the ability to portray space — around performers and as an entity itself. Its sound is spacious. There is no tubey glaze, but also no etch or edge. Instead, there is clarity, vigor, and grace. Nobody will say the 21A is laid-back, but it doesn’t sound forward either. It walks the line of perspective as few preamps do, tipping neither one way nor the other. Its performance is accomplished — very detailed and very enjoyable.”
Marc Mickelson – Jun ’04  Read Full Review


Au24 Cable Receives Stereophile Recommended Component, April 2004

“It was as a speaker cable that the Au24 really shown.” Brian Damkroger actually preferred the Au24 to his reference Valhalla in terms of tonal balance, imaging, resolution of inner detail, and sound staging.” 
Stereophile : Recommended Components
Vol.25 No.8 – Apr ’04


On Hifi Review of PowerChords, Au24 Cables

“The Audience Au24 and powerChord cables share a family resemblance-they balance tonality extremely well, have superb detail (again, in balance; neither too much nor too little of it), and they’re smooth. Not colored-smooth, but just-right-smooth.”
Wes Phillips – Apr ’04  Read Full Review


Positive Feedback Reviews for Auricap Capacitors


“I liked the UltraVerve preamplifier, and I really liked the upgraded unit. It is detailed but musical. The Auricap upgrade is a very worthwhile move in the direction of music for minimal cost.”
Francisco Duran – Mar ’04  Read Full Review

“The Auricaps are great parts, and represent a significant step forward in capacitor technology and audio-musical performance… Better and cheaper. What more can you ask for?”
Jennifer White-Wolf Crock – Oct ’02
Read Full Review Conductor Review 02/04

“Audiophiles on a budget can be assured that these cables won’t leave them shortchanged. Like the Chinese astrological Ox, these cables speak little but they do so eloquently while inspiring confidence. To hear music with this much clarity and refinement is more than worth the asking price. I urge fellow audiophiles on their journey to greater musical heights to arrange for a demo of the Audience Conductor interconnects and powerChord power cables.”
Mike Healy – Feb ’04   Read Full Review


Stereophile Reviews for Au24 Cables, 2002 and 2004

“The Au24 ic sits midway between the other two with a dead neutral tonal balance… the Au24s filled in slightly better the notes’ bloom and resonance following the initial transients.”
Brian Damkroger – Feb ’04

“I spent a lot of time going back and forth between the Au24 and my reference Valhalla, and ended up preferring the Au24.”
Brian Damkroger – Aug ’02  Print Version



Reviews for Auricap Capacitors

“The Auri’s definitely sound cleaner and more natural”
James Carroll – Dec ’03  Print Version

“The moded ones took on a whole new character, and could easily have passed for much more expensive speakers”.
James Carroll – Dec ’03  Print Version


Au24 Cable Testimonial, May 2003

“I just wanted to let you know how great the AU24 is. I have been a long time user of Illuminator, and it’s a great product, so I assumed the AU24 would be as well. I assumed wrong. It is not a great product. It is a revolutionary product! I have been through many, many cables over the years, and I have even spent time with men who I respect in the cable industry, and absorbed knowledge from them. But I have to say this is something like I have never experienced. This AU24 does not sound like a cable. In fact, it is the only cable I have ever heard that doesn’t sound like a cable at all. You can put another cable in its place, and regardless of price, it sounds like you just added a cable to your system. Replace cable X with AU24, and voila! You just removed a cable from your system. I find it hypnotic almost. AU24 has taken over my system, and is throwing out subliminal messages to me instructing me to buy more, and get my entire system up to AU24 wire. It is almost like changing an amp. It makes that huge an impact on a system.”

Brandon Riley — May 03

Au24 Cable Testimonial, March 2003

“Many thanks for the information you provided, and for the link to that bi-wiring article. It certainly validates what I’ve been hearing when switching from bi-wired to single-wired runs. I am excited to report that, even after only 8 hours of playing, I can hear what Bob Neill, Brian Damkroger and those Asylum inmates are talking about. Compared to the respected cables I had on hand, the Au 24 lets through a new dimension of “live-ness” which enabled me to “connect” at a deeper level with the intention, effort and energy of the musicians performing. On occasion, I felt myself truly startled by a sense of the actual “presence” of instruments, in particular the grand piano, especially on good DSD recordings. I have not heard a piano reproduced so realistically before, and nor felt jolted in this way by new cables before. Compared to my burned-in cables, there was a “cold flatness” about the Au 24s when I first inserted them (they were fresh out of the box from the courier) which faded the more I played music through them. I think I heard what some listeners noted as a lack of “body” and detail compared to my thick heavy cables. However, what I hear is less of an undifferentiated mass of sound, while instruments and voices are freshly presented in their unique character and within their own space, stripped of sonic “muck.” Less homogenous noise, more of the instruments and voices. Less chaotic, isolated details and more coherent realism. Who REALLY needs more body anyway? In an uncanny way, the Au 24 entirely complements the way I’ve been aspiring to develop a neutral and uncolored hi-fi system.”

Kelly — Mar 03