1+1 V3 – Testimonial October 2018

Hi Lenny,

Oh! Em! Gee! V3 is a HUGE, GINORMOUS, GARGANTUAN step-up from V2+! These
have set a new baseline in my listen experience and musical enjoyment!
Space, resolution, micro-dynamics, truth of timbre, layering, 3-D
sound-staging, HOLOGRAPHIC! Even when a musical instrument is isolated
to the left or right, you “look” through, around, beyond, and
sometimes in front of the physical speaker. And from what I can tell,
based on the changes I’m hearing, they’re not even broken in!

From the start it was apparent that these were EXTRAORDINARY! However,
after just 24 hours of run-in (with Roger Skoff’s XLO Test & Burn-In
CD), they have opened up beyond anything these ears have heard! I’m
flabbergasted! Gobsmacked! Utterly astounded! Goosebumps galore! I’m
just giddy with delight!

I was “this” close to purchasing a new turntable and phono preamp. I
don’t need to anymore. Thanks for calling me about V3!



Positive Feedback Review of Au24 SX Interconnect, Phono and Speaker Cables 06/2018

“The Audience cable interconnect didn’t disappoint. The cable’s rich and liquid nature and luscious midrange came through loud and clear. These cables really allowed the system to paint a realistic picture of the Maya McCraven’s quartet of cello, bass, drums and vibes performing in your listening room. That’s coupled with the Audience’s remarkable ability to dig deep down into the mix and capture inner detail such as instruments playing ever-so-softly in the background”
Myles B. Astor – June ’18
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HIFIQC Review of Au24 SX Cables 06/2018

“You won’t find me endorsing many cable designs, simply because I have rarely heard such an improvement and balance to the presentation. With the Audience Au 24 SX, I have found a new friend in reproducing the magic of the original recording. It has been my pleasure to finally find a cable design that I can truly live with. The team at Audience has delivered a easily manageable cable system that extracts the whole performance from your recordings/stereo equipment with balance and grace.”
HIFIQC – June ‘18
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