Hidden Treasure In-Wall AC Cable

Audience Hidden Treasure In-Wall Cable

“Our new Hidden Treasure power cable is an all-out tour de force to provide a truly high-performance AC power wire for in-wall systems,” said John McDonald, president of Audience. “It’s the result of extensive testing and evaluation and what we’ve learned from our team’s more than 20 years of combined experience in designing our world-renowned AC powerChords.”

The geometric design principles used in the making of MORRE cable products have been refined by years of extensive research and application. Electromagnetic fields generated by the flow of electricity through wires and cable generally have a negative effect on the preservation of a signal. Hidden Treasure conductors, and the proper choice of dimensions and tolerances, coupled with innovative wire lay construction, reduces the deleterious interactions

Hidden Treasure In-Wall AC Power Cable features three 10 AWG stranded 99.99 percent pure oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors. The wire is cryogenically treated to relieve stresses that can be imparted to the wire during manufacturing and to re-align the microstructure in the copper for improved conductivity. The conductors are foil-shielded to provide rejection from external electrical noise. The dielectric (insulation) is made from XLPE cross-linked polyethylene insulation with a PVC sleeve for unmatched durability.

Hidden Treasure In-Wall AC Power Cable utilizes our EHVP treatment, which applies extreme high voltages at specific pulse modulations, frequencies and amplitudes in differing ratios to the conductive elements of the breaker individual. This very special process creates predictable paths through the crystalline grain structure of the various metals including connection points and connectors and provides a continuity and integrity to the AC signal.

Hidden Treasure is flexible and easy to install and has a diameter of approximately 0.75 inches (18 mm).

Each Hidden Treasure 10 awg. conductor consists of 7 bundles, 60 strand.

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