Hidden Treasure Circuit Breaker

Audience Hidden Treasure HDAC Circuit Breaker

Hidden Treasure Circuit Breakers, Price $175

The benefit of introducing a higher performance AC circuit breaker into the high end audio market has not been met without difficulties in regards to the vast differences from panel to panel, stocking so many different breakers and making the whole idea workable for end users. We have a solution.

Make your circuit breaker an Audience Hidden Treasure High Definition AC Circuit Breaker.

Simply send us your circuit breaker and when you get it back it will be a "Hidden Treasure  HDAC Circuit Breaker”.
Once you place the order you will be given purchasing and shipping instructions for your circuit breaker to go directly to Audience in San Marcos, California. Once your breaker is upgraded to a Hidden Treasure breaker we will test it and send directly back to you.

Tips: Make sure that you send the exact circuit breaker make and model that you are currently using. This information is located on the breaker or ask your electrician. We suggest you purchase a new circuit breaker from your electrician or electric supply, such as Home Depot. This will insure the highest performance.

Audience Hidden Treasure High Definition AC Circuit Breaker

Installing a Hidden Treasure High Definition AC Circuit Breaker insures that your high end audio components will get the purest, cleanest electrical voltage and current directly from your panel, without distortions and noise, a pristine AC signal, allowing your system to achieve its highest musical performance. Audience Hidden Treasure “High Definition” Circuit Breaker will allow you to experience your system on a whole level. Performance without boundaries, exceeding your expectations. All Hidden Treasure HDAC Circuit Breakers give you MORRE, (Musically Optimized Reduction of Resistive Energies), a proprietary series of processes that fundamentally change the baseline of the conductive lattice throughout the conductive materials reducing electron scatter and producing even greater signal preservation, all without effecting the breaker’s ability to perform safely. All Hidden treasure HDAC circuit breakers are tested and matched to perform with Hidden Treasure in-wall AC cable and Hidden Treasure HDAC duplex outlets. Dynamic, transparent, accurate, Hidden Treasure provides the purest transference of clean AC to your components and may well be the most cost effective additional to any audio system.

Due to the importance of the protective nature in circuit breakers, all Hidden Treasure HDAC Circuit Breakers come directly from our factory and maintain all the complying specifications of the original type and model of circuit breaker being replaced.


At the factory the circuit breakers go through the EHVP treatment, which applies extreme high voltages at specific pulse modulations, frequencies and amplitudes in differing ratios to the conductive elements of the breaker individual. This very special process creates predictable paths through the crystalline grain structure of the various metals including connection points and connectors and provides a continuity and integrity to the AC signal. In addition, nanoparticle damping materials are selectively applied to reduce mechanical resonances, along with EMI and RF electrical interference. The circuit breakers are not disassembled in any way during the processes. Once a customer gets their unit back from us, it’s transformed into a Hidden Treasure HDAC Circuit Breaker, which is designed to reduce noise and interference and provide greater sonic clarity. Hidden Treasure circuit breakers maintain all the compliance and safety specifications of the original unit. 

For best performance use Hidden Treasure In-Wall AC cable and Hidden Treasure Audio HDAC Duplexes.

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