Hidden Treasure AC In-Wall Solution

Upgrading Your System's AC power is as easy as 123

The statement is obvious, yet true none the less that, “Any high-end audio system is only as good as it’s weakest link”. How to get pure, clean, phase correct AC power, free from distortions and interference from your panel to your system has always been the challenge in addressing this weakest link and is what the Audience Hidden Treasure In-Wall solution is all about. 

We took careful evaluation in considering all aspects of Hidden Treasure In-Wall AC solution. Starting at your panel, going through your walls and ending up in your system, Hidden Treasure In-Wall Solution will transform your listening experience by elevating the performance level of each and every electronic device by delivering pristine AC power.

1. Hidden Treasure Circuit Breaker

Ramp up the performance of your entire system by upgrading your electric panel circuit breaker to a Hidden Treasure Circuit Breaker. This is where the electricity for your system starts and the benefits of this upgrade cannot be understated. Even picture quality in video displays are vastly improved.

2. Hidden Treasure In Wall AC Cable

Audience’s Hidden Treasure In-Wall AC cable is a high performance power wire that connects from a home’s circuit breaker box to the user’s audio or home theater system. It is UL CL2-approved for use in 120-volt and 220-volt AC in-wall applications. Hidden Treasure is engineered for maximum signal conductivity, durability and shielding from electrical interference.

Audience Hidden Treasure In-Wall AC cable is the perfect solution for supplying dedicated in-wall power to high-end audio and video systems. Hidden Treasure is the result of testing and evaluation by the Audience design team who has over two decades of experience in producing high quality AC powerChords. Features of Hidden Treasure are:

  • UL CL2 approved for 120v and 220v AC in wall applications
  • 10 AWG, 3 conductors
  • Stranded 99.99% pure OFC, cryogenically treated copper conductors
  • XLPE dielectric with PVC sleeve
  • Foil shielded
  • Flexible
  • 18mm OD

3. Hidden Treasure High Definition AC Wall Receptacle

Introducing the Hidden Treasure High Definition AC Wall Receptacle. Built with advanced frontRow Metallurgy Technology, our New Hidden Treasure High Current HDAC Duplex is the most transparent, dynamic and musical AC wall receptacle on the market today.

  • Rhodium Plated Copper
  • Proprietary Audience Design
  • 20A Rated

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