Au24 Testimonial, July 2008

John, originally I had been thinking of just stopping with the Conductor i/c, but decided to invest in the Au24 as I was looking at component upgrades in the near future. They are, thus far, the most expensive cables I have ever bought in my hi-fi adventures. I had not heard of your cables before, but was attracted to them after reading several reviews; most importantly, those reviews that highlighted qualities relating to micro-dynamics, timbre and time-phrase coherence. I am starting to realize just how important these specific qualities are. Needless to say, and as I’m sure you’ve heard often enough before, I was floored. It sounded as if I just got myself a new system. The many reviews were right – these cables just got out of the way. I find myself listening not in an audiophile way, but just as a music lover, getting lost in the performance and recordings. Not only do they sound right, they feel right. That’s the best way I can put it. The Au24s, for me, helped me re-discover the promise and delights of this hobby – musicality. Thanks for a great product.

Hakim in Singapore — July 08

aR12-T Testimonial, July 2008

John, I am very happy with the new Adept Response aR12 w/Teflon caps. It presents the music from a much quieter background (as compared with the original aR12). Amazing!!

Randall Fulton — July 08

Customer Service Testimonial, June 2008

John, I got in touch with Terry today and I really appreciate your service values. It’s good to deal with companies and people who put the customer first.

Michael D (Australia) — June 08

Customer Service Testimonial, June 2008

Dear John, Well, what can I say! This is as good a service as it gets. Your great cable is only bettered by your greater service!! Regards,

Vaqar Ahmed — June 08

Audience Cables Testimonial, May 2008

Hi John,  I have purchased the PowerChord recently to be used on my integrated amplifier. The very first thing I noticed is the noise floor was lowered tremendously. The sound was cleaner and natural with improved imaging. My mom and dad can also hear the improvement even though they are not into hifi. The cord did not enhance any frequency range unlike other cords that I owned. My system is now wired with all Audience cables which consists of the Au24 IC, Maestro loudspeaker cables and PowerChord. I have numerous cables and none is as good as the Audience. You just hooked them up and enjoy the music. I would strongly recommend the Audience cables wholeheartedly as I have experienced it myself and amazed by it. How do I come to know about your cables? Well, I was actually looking for a pair of speaker cables to match my new speaker, so I put up a post in the forum and someone recommended Audience and the rest was history….If funds allow, I will change my speaker cables to Au24….Cheers,

Richard Wang — May 08

Customer Service Testimonial, May 2008

Gentlemen, You have gone far beyond the phrase “good customer service”.
I’m the guy with the cat that likes to eat AU24 cables. I received the package from you on Tuesday. I still can’t believe you sent me replacement cables! This is one of the most gracious acts of customer service I have ever experienced. Thank You! I’m a customer for life (already own 5 pairs of au24, au24 speaker cables, and a couple of Conductor cables). I use your products due to two very good (audio) people- Bobby Palkovic @ Merlin speakers and John Guidi @ Evolution Audio. Again, thank you! Sincerely,

James Van der Zee — May 08

aR1p Testimonial, 2008

The aR1p is an awesome device. I took it home and tried it on a few different devices and found the best use for it on a daily basis is on my stereo amplifier. I often check mixes on my home stereo B&W speakers and have found by running my amp through the conditioner it makes a noticeable difference on the high end of the speakers. I have always loved the sound of the Nautilus tweeter and the aR1p seems to clean the amp so that any high frequency jitter is removed and the sound is very smooth and clear.  When I have the opportunity to record at my home studio I will often plug my mic preamp into the aR1p there is always a clarity difference when I use it. I have noticed a huge difference when recording vocals using the aR1p. The human voice is one of the most difficult instruments to record and with the aR1p I get an extra 10-20% gain in sound quality. Thanks again for the use. Hope to see you soon.

Dominic Robelotto
Senior Audio Engineer and Associate Producer
AIX Records

Au24 digital Testimonial, February 2008

Hello John, Last night for the first time I tried out your digital interconnect in my high end system, with quite remarkable results. The transformation in ‘reality’ was so astonishing that I felt the need to write you briefly to express my pleasure at this discovery and to offer all due fully deserved praise to you and your team for producing such a fine component. Maybe this is a one-off success, who knows but I am mighty tempted to try some more of your cables in the hope that they also have been devised by Merlin himself. The downside is that your brand is little known over this side of the Pond and cables not easy to come by to try. I am grateful to Joshua of Ears Nova of NYC for setting me on this path… Kind regards,

John Luke
UK — Feb 08

Au24e Testimonial, January 2008

A few comments about the new “E” version of the Au24 interconnect after an initial listen. The basic character of the cable is retained. Tonally very neutral. Timbrally accurate. Just gets out of the way. Where I hear the big difference is in what I’ll refer to as speed or timing. To me the cable sounds very fast-perhaps warp speed. By this I mean leading edge transients on instruments like cymbals, acoustic guitar and piano are portrayed with speed and clarity adding a sense of realism. On acoustic bass the leading edge of notes seem crisper and tightly controlled. The initial slap heard before the thud of a kick drum is more apparent. Sibilants are not exaggerated but seem clearer and more natural. Sounds seem to emanate with clarity from a more focused space within the soundstage. Harmonics are portrayed without excessive bloom which will probably make for a good match with tube based systems such as mine. I suppose this all hinges on getting leading edge transient information timed properly so that the ear/brain mechanism can interpret it as more lifelike. Overall, very impressive.

Robert Townsend — Jan 08

Au24 Testimonial, December 2007

Dear John, I made a plunge of getting the Au24 interconnect (XLR) a couple of weeks ago and guess what? The sound was amazing. The bass was cleaner, deeper and more accurate. The treble was sweet, natural and neutral. The background noise was lowered tremendously. The music was more involving and intimate. I can hear more detail that was not heard before. My system has improved greatly with the purchased of the Maestro loudspeaker cables 3 months ago and with the Au24 IC in place, it has transformed my system into a winning formula! It have to be heard to believe. Exceptional.

Richard — Dec 07