Au24e Testimonial

Hi, John. I received my SE cables today….not even broken in, they are better than the Au24e balanced cables. More delicacy and finesse. Broader palette. More coherent imaging and space across and around instruments. Less metallic aftertaste, but just as resolute. Nicely done! Darrin

Au24e Testimonial

Dear John, Just purchased the au24 cables all around for my system from the dealer in India who also happen to be a genius and well informed guy himself. The cables au24e you make are fabulous.  I was a believer in cables but they could make such a big change was not comprehended by me, though the dealer here kept convincing me about the potential of the au24e, that’s a fantastic product you have.
Regards, Jasi Singh

Au24e Phono Cables Testimonial


Received the cables last week. I don’t listen to records (LPs) casually very often. So I was alert from the start picking up as many clues as I could. Initially I was impressed how the music presented all the frequencies not just opening up the top end as was indicated would happen. Yes that happened but I noted that I could hear into the middle ranges with more clarity as well as the bass coming and going quicker and in tune..

Several days were devoted to  very pleasant listening  until yesterday…… When I put on the remastered Joni Mitchell “Blue” album from Classic Records? Joni Mitchell records can be problematic because her voice in those days went clearly from alto to mezzo frequently within the same phrase. Listening, the mezzo has hither-to  come out  as shrill. Well, shrillness did not appear yesterday and instead I  heard how well controlled her voice actually was during this period. Needless to say, the emotional impact is much stronger when you are not so distracted.

So.. Yeah I like the new phono cables a lot.

Don Rawlins

Audience Cables Testimonial, May 2011

Dear Mr. McDonald, I have just received cables. Wow, what a big surprise was this to me. I have sent you almost unusable cables. What i see now are brand new XLR’s in new boxes , together with a small gift in it. It seems that you replaced the cables with the new ones….All this at no cost, including DHL from and to Turkey. Mr John McDonald I don’t know how to thank you. May God give you a health and a peaceful long live. I respect yourself personally and your excellent customer service and care that Audience is famous for. Thank you very very much indeed. I just hooked the cables in my all Audience cabled system .What i hear  now was so different to the previous. Very neutral and clear. I only  want to ask you if in case of the cables are new, then should i wait them to burn in. Or otherwise they sound right to me right out of the box. And at last , you can put my email to  your customer testimonials corner on the website.I would be glad to. Very best regards.

Tuncer Yilmaz — May ’11

Au24e Testimonial, September 2010

Hi Dan, Yesterday I got the cables, so this was very quick from Audience to my home address. Sorry for getting on your nerves, but without the cables you cannot run your audio equipment! A big compliment for the upgrading: the difference is stunning! Really world class now! I could hear it within seconds after starting the first piece of music! It was really worth to do the upgrading! Best regards,

Klaus Berg — September ’10

Au24e Testimonial, August 2010

Dear Dan, The difference between my old Au24’s and my new enhanced Au24e’s is much greater and more significant than I expected. As others have noted, it is indeed as if a grainy layer has been removed from the sound. But the effect extends so much further than that might suggest. The individual ambiance of each recording venue now shines through clearly. Instruments and voices are revealed with remarkable naturalness. Complex contrapuntal lines can be followed with ease. The sound of a particular Steinway stands out distinctly. In addition, highs and lows are clearly more extended, and resolution of detail considerably greater. And with DVDs, you can pick out and listen to individual conversations in a crowded room, or hear the first breath of wind before a storm. Absolutely startling (and all this with even my modest $3k stereo)! All in all, I feel you could justifiably raise that “e” to the level of a superscript — the difference between the Au24’s and Au24e’s is truly exponential. Congratulations on a breakthrough product and product upgrade. Kudos too on your exceptional customer service, much appreciated. Best to you all,

Wayne — August ’10

aR6-T GP Upgrade Testimonial, June 2010

Bravo!  Very nice improvement on the AR6T upgrade for the ground stage. Bass is deeper and faster. All around presentation sharper with deeper sound stage. From my side it was well worth the time doing without the unit and the expense.

Don Rawlins — June ’10

aR12-TS Testimonial, May 2010

Hi John, Well, you were certainly right about transparency and I’m impressed how that transparency is from the top (of the frequency range) to the bottom. Along with transparency I’m getting an even better sense of the recording environment and the organic quality of “real” music performed with real instruments.

The noise floor has dropped and with 107db speakers that is certainly noticeable and very welcome. Imaging, which I consider important, is definitely improved which is another way of saying focus and separation between instruments is better as well.

I should say these improvements are on top of what I already thought was a great improvement with the other 12T I have been using in my system. I’m a very happy camper right now and feel blessed to have such an incredible system in my life. Your addition to this system is playing a very big role in maximizing that enjoyment.

Thank you very much!

P.S. Did I say bass was clearer, more articulate – it is 🙂

John — May ’10

Au24e Testimonial, April 2010

Hi John, Really am enjoying the startling clarity and realness of my system. Not one to worry about differences in individual cables, I elected to just do the entire system with your brand, no endless A-B-ing, and I’m extremely pleased with the overall synergy supplied by the Audience equipment. One night watching a Met opera recorded on DVR, I was beginning to fall asleep, but turning it off did not occur to me as I had more or less been duped into thinking I was actually at the Met, and certainly, you don’t just go to sleep in your seat here. Regards,

Jim Wojno — April ’10

Audience Products Testimonial, March 2010

I have been addicted to audio for 40 years, serious amateur recording and playback. STEP 1: In 2007 I purchased Audience AU24 speaker cables and a power cable. What seemed risky at the time is now laughable. I eliminated the previous ‘fire hoses’ feeding the speakers. Significant sonic and aesthetic advances. For a month the sound kept getting better. Highlight: harmonic accuracy+! STEP 2: Three months ago I purchased the AR6T with the AU24 power cord displacing another respected conditioner. I honestly believe this has been the biggest positive change I have ever made to my playback system, wires or electronics. Highlight: dynamics+! STEP 3: Last month I upgraded to the “e” version of the power cord (on the preamp) and speaker cable. Again additive. It sounded like a new preamp and new system. Highlight: soundstage & focus!

I am a retired electrical engineer and I do not understand what happened in STEP 3. The people at Audience obviously understand the physics of sound reproduction, now imperative. BTW-The speakers -Duntech, the electronics- vintage Mark Levinson. In hindsight I wonder if I had ever really heard what my equipment could do. I have entered a different league and know I must improve my recordings. Look out Keith My advice to anyone, don’t sell your electronics until you have really heard them with any of these products. It could save you a fortune and help you make a better decision. Step 4-pending. A huge thank you to the Audience team.

Bill — March ’10