1+1 V2+ Loudspeaker Testimonial, June 2017

I am an audiophile living in South Korea. I have an audience 1 + 1 v2 + speaker. I purchased this speaker as a desktop speaker. The performance of this speaker was so amazing that I get goose bumps and thrilled in my head. I received a sense of delight from this speaker. I enjoy listening to music through this speaker every day. I am so happy to find a desktop speaker for me to be with forever. So I thought I should express my gratitude to you. Thank you for the hard work of the Audience staff. It’s just amazing.

-HyeonTaek Jeong

Testimonial for Au24 SX XLR Cable, February 2017

Hi Lenny….at first, after replacing the KCAG XLR with the Au24 SX, I definitely noticed a difference. As it settled in and further, more critical listening, I realized that the AU was bringing more to the table as far as focus and resolution. And, after purposefully not turning on the system for a few days and sitting down to listen again, I quickly realized that the Au24 SX XLR has taken the current system to its limits….in other words, I would either have to go into fantasy-land with the gear which I neither have the ears nor the cash to pursue. It is a jewel with the right gear and the Rowlands and Audience are “right” together. So, can I pay for this pair? Brad Jeter

Au24 SX PowerChord Testimonial, January 2017

Hello, John and Joe, thanks again for your advice and support. With my recent and latest switch of the Au24-SE powerChords to the Au24 SX powerChords I noticed immediately that the musical enhancement was not subtle, it clearly exceeded the enhancement level of the SE interconnects and speaker wires moving to their SX versions. The Au24-SX powerChords on my conditioner and integrated amp added more weight, more presence, optimal soundstage, transparency and the wonderful tonal balance that I find is a hallmark of Audience cables.
Thanks again
Bob Hansen
Ottawa Ontario

Testimonial for The ONE January 2017

Dear John,
I received the Audience ONE speakers Saturday. I was able to set them up Sunday morn. I listened for quite a while to a variety of recordings I’ve made over the years. One word came to mind, “Wow!” Details popped out that I’d forgotten about. Instruments were distinct. I could hear the harmonics. Stereo placement was exact. I could also hear my eq and mixing errors. These wonderful speakers are an excellent choice for a composer. As close range studio monitors, they raise the bar. You’ve provided me with excellent monitors for decades. These are the best yet. I am truly grateful.
Thank you, Richard

Richard Jennings Music

Testimonial for Au24 SX Cables, August 2016


John, in early listening your SX cables provide stunning SQ improvements. Music blossoms from deepest silence, so fully revealed that tears flow. Two upgrades combine for the best sound I’ve ever been privileged to enjoy. MQA recordings unfolded to 32/358.2 by Mytek Brooklyn and delivered to a Van Alstine amp thru SX cables take me all the way back to the studio. I have crossed-over from hi-fi to pro. Thank you for such art in engineering.  – Dez

Testimonial for 1+1 Loudspeakers, July 2016

First, I received the speakers sooner than expected (thanks for that:) and after a few hours of burn in I listened. Wow! These are a bit different than any of my other speakers (Wilson Sofia III & KEF LS50) and be assured I am very pleased. They play the music so nicely and give me all the information I’ve ever wanted. They are perhaps akin to my Sennheiser HD800 but without the bump in the high end. I’m currently integrating a James subwoofer that I’ve had kicking around and it looks to be a good match so far. We shall see. I could happily use them without the sub, but the James is very fast and should integrate rather well. One more item. I had not remembered that you are the president of the company. You treated me with courtesy, helpfulness, and were downright pleasant to work with. I appreciated your input on helping me make my selection. Kudos to you and your fine company. They may be some cables in the future. If so, I’ll be in touch. Thanks so very much. It was a great experience for me:)
-Alex Leatham

The ONE Testimonial April 2015

Unexpectedly, The ONES (with SUB15) present organ music with great realism. It can be pure majesty. This near-field system is proving mysterious and challenging, urging me to further appreciate the art of listening — through acceptance. Perhaps it’s best approached one type of music at a time. The speakers can seem “purpose-built”. I discovered their excellence with opera. Now organ. Part of it is their “compact” imaging. They don’t work to recreate the whole (distant) space, but rather the personal space as apprehended by one listener in the much larger environment. (As I read what I’ve just written I wonder if there is a difference. I know that I struggle to describe and ‘understand’ their kind of repro.) Part of it is seeming to be at a virtual “console” while listening, eg the mixing board in a studio, conductor’s podium at the opera, keyboards of the organist. I love this illusion of control. Let me pretend to play for you now… Desmond Fretz

The ONE Testimonial April 2015

John, listening this morning to Charlie Haden & Jim Hall on The ONES I’ve discovered something impossibly pure. Can our hobby be this simple? With my Maggies system there was so much trying. Complexity and frustration. But here is “only the music”. As I learn to appreciate this kind of reproduction, I feel it letting me in. The more I suspend disbelief, the further in I go. In your letter about these personal reference monitors, you state their meaning: “they simply get out of the way.” I understand your company’s mission. With gratitude,  – Dez


1+1 Testimonial January 2015

Hi John,
I’ve been meaning to email you to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for what you have created in the 1+1’s. They are revolutionary and I am indebted. The imaging and depth is simply unbelievable. Although I have had this email on my list and would have gotten to it within a few days, I was inspired to write it now as I listened to the Nebraska soundtrack, which is a compilation of songs by Mark Orton (who makes regular use of banjo, clarinet and the accordion). Admittedly, I was listening to the 1+1’s as background music while I worked. I found myself looking up incredulously at an area 6 feet to the left of the left speaker. This is where, mid-song, the first notes of banjo appeared in the soundstage. I took a double take and positioned myself slightly more perfectly in front of the speakers and closed my eyes. What I heard should not be coming from speakers this size. You’ve truly made listening to music fun again!!!
All my best,