Au24 SX Cable Reviews

  • 2017 TAS Editors’ Choice Award for Au24 SX Cables

    Audience Au24 SX
    Speaker, $3290/2.5m;
    Interconnect RCA, $1800/1m

    Audience’s Latest flagship wire offers midrange weight and sweetness, vivid dynamic contrasts, excellent transient speed, sensitivity to delicate volume gradations, and a brilliance that casts light into the deepest corners of the soundstage, restoring air and lift to harmonics. A particular strength for all Audience cables is an often hard-to-achieve blend of tactile presence and back-of-the-hall reverberation. The Au24 SX strikes a fluid and natural balance of ease, articulation, and immersiveness. Flexible and easy to handle, too.
    NG, 269
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